Wellnostics 28G Sterile Lancets



Try these great low cost lancets - as reliable as any on the market and compatible with any standard lancing device including all those listed below. If you do not have a lancing device, we have a number on Wellnostics which can be found here.

Remember the more you buy the cheaper they get.

The lancing device and lancets are simple tools to obtain a small blood sample and so can be used with a variety of testing kits such as blood glucose monitors and cholesterol monitors.

Fully Compatible Lancets for:

  • Microlet
  • Freestyle
  • Abbott
  • One Touch
  • SD Codefree
  • Gluco RX
  • and many more….

Whats in the Box?

The Lancets come in Bags of 50. 

So we sell:

1 x Pack of 50 Lancets

2 x Packs of 50 Lancets

5 x Packs of 50 Lancets

10 x Packs of 50 Lancets

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