Self Check Cholesterol Self Test

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Why test for cholesterol levels?

  • raised cholesterol levels, together with other external and internal factors, can increase the risk of heart and coronary diseases.
  • two out of three people in the UK have raised cholesterol levels.
  • early detection allows early preventative action and management.

Who is the test for?

  • adults aged 40+
  • those suffering with diabetes as they are at greater risk of heart and coronary disease
  • those with a family history of heart disease

Where does raised cholesterol come from?

Raised cholesterol can be attributed to a combination of internal and external factors:

  • internal factors:  genetically inherited or regional because of variations in lifestyle and diet.
  • external factors: smoking, alcohol, red meat, saturated fats, sugar and salt can all contribute to raised cholesterol levels.

What happens when cholesterol level is raised?

  • fatty deposits in blood vessels can cause hardening (known as arteriosclerosis), which in turn can lead to high blood pressure, angina, heart attack and coronary artery disease.

What if results indicate raised cholesterol?

  • consult your doctor for re-testing and advice.  No medical decisions should be taken without consulting a doctor.
  • reducing external influences, such as stopping smoking, reducing alcohol intake, regular exercise, eating more fresh fruit, vegetables and fish oil, and drinking more water may help to reduce cholesterol levels.

How are the test components disposed of?

  • after use, all of the test components can be disposed of within normal household waste.

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