Prima Anaemia Iron Deficiency FER Test

by Prima
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Anaemia due to iron depletion is widely held in children and women of all ages but mainly in women who still have their period (at least 20% suffer for iron deficiency). Main signs as paleness, feeling tired, headaches, faster heartbeat, or shortness of breath during exercise appear gradually and could go unnoticed.

The FER screening should be performed by all the pregnant women and regularly by all anaemic people with healthy lifestyle.

The IRON Fer Test is a rapid immunodiagnostic test for the assessment of ferritin (a protein capable of storing iron in cells) from finger prick whole blood sample. Therefore the Test can be used for the screening of potential iron deficiency.

The test is based on an immunochromatographic reaction correlated to the reference laboratory test. The cut-off is calibrated at 20 ng/mL according to the international standard.

The Ferritin level in blood is useful in detecting iron store depletion as the concentration drops to very low values. As iron deficiency develops, iron stores are depleted before anaemia becomes apparent. Checking the normality of the FER value is a very good tool for verifying the iron deficiency anaemia and eventually taking the required preventive actions.

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