Omron Digital Scales HN288

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When small weight matters

Weighing yourself is relatively easy of course. But have you ever struggled to weigh other things on normal scales? Now, thanks to our unique ‘Weight Difference Technology’ it’s a cinch. You don’t have to calculate anything in your head or worry about the dial being obscured by the thing you’re trying to weigh. While four sensors incorporated into the design make sure every reading is reliable,

The Omron HN288 digital scale provides an innovative function called weight difference. This allows people to measure the weight of their baby, luggage, parcel or pet. 

Individuals can choose the reading to be displayed in stones, kg or lbs. 

Maximum capacity of 180 kg (400 lbs, 28 stones). 

Even slight weight changes can be detected to a high accuracy with a due to exact graduation (4 sensors technology). 

The large numbers on the 77 x 45 mm LCD ensure the display is easy to read. 

The scale is safe and stable through a large platform made by safety glass and only 1.8cm thick. 

Base feet are non-slip and made with nonscratch material to protect floors

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