Medigoo Sports and Athletic Abilities DNA test

by Medigoo
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A tool and personal guidance to help you to exercise right.                       

Whether you are doing sports on a regular basis or just to stay in shape, this test is made for you! We are all unique, so let this tool and guide help you to take your individual hereditary characteristics into account in training!

As a test result you will get an individual analysis of genes affecting your training. 

The results include:                       

1. Accurate analysis of 4 genes affecting your training from the following areas: 

  • Recovery
  • Oxygen uptake
  • Endurance/strength abilities 
  • Aerobic fitness.

2. Analysis of your hereditary assets and development areas based on scientific research.                   

3. Accurate sample exercises to utilise your strengths and get the most out of your training.
4. Possibility to utilise the results to create an accurate training program.


The package includes buccal swabs, which will be sent to our laboratory in a postage paid envelope.



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