Medigoo Paternity Lab Test (20 Markers)

by Medigoo
Easy ordering - Fast delivery - Affordable price - We analyse 20 markers, which gives over 500% more identification power than a routine 16 marker test. Reliable results from quality assured Finnish laboratory - Top customer service - Your privacy respected.                       

Unambiguous result - Our Paternity genetic Test tells you reliably if a man is the biological father of a child. We are able to tell you unambiguously whether the man IS (probability routinely well above 99.99%) or IS NOT (probability 100%) the father.


We always respect your privacy - We will not give your contact details to third parties and you will always get your test in an unnoticeable package. We deliver samples to the laboratory without your names in them, so in the laboratory nobody knows whose sample they are analysing.


Quick and secure - Your samples are sent directly to the laboratory. Hence your personal details and samples travel in different envelopes. Postage envelope is included in the product pacage.