Duronic LS302 Digital Height Measurer

by Duronic
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  • The Duronic Lifesense LS302 is a fun and easy to use digital height measurer for kids to use as they grow up
  • Our LS302 comes with a fun colourful poster made out of special OID material which has the heights stored into it and displayed in ot, you can put this poster up against the wall, wardrobe or any flat surface
  • A child can take their measurement by standing against the poster, the LS302 can be put on their head making sure the device base touches the poster. This will allow it to read the height from the poster and display it on the screen.
  • This is a great learning tool, children can grow up having fun along the way, measuring themselves every day will now be a fun job
  • The device comes with everything you need to get started. 3 X AAA batteries included so you can start using it asap. Measures between heights: 85-175cm