DFI 11 Parameter Urine Test Strips (Pack of 100)

by DFI

What parameters are covered?
This product is for the Professional Doctor/GP 11 parameter urinalysis reagent test strips. They are intended solely for use by medical professionals who will know how to correctly interpret the results. They are packed in the standard sealed tube as shown above and each tube contains 100 strip tests.
The strip covers the 11 parameters:-
• Leukocytes
• Nitrite
• Urobilinogen
• Protein
• pH
• Blood
• Specific Gravity
• Ketone
• Bilirubin
• Glucose
• Assorbic Acid

What results will I get?
These strips are meant for medical professionals and they will fully understand the purpose of these tests and how to interpret the results as they are standard urinalysis strip tests. Effectively any positive result for any of the tests will require further investigation unless the likely cause of the positive result is already known e.g. blood in urine can be a normal result if the urine is from a menstruating female.