Beurer BM77 Bluetooth Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Health Manager App

by Beurer
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SKU B01L55RH90
  • ✔ innovative connected between your smartphone and blood pressure and pulse monitor: through fully automatic analysis, you can share your blood pressure results entspannt the home make an this digital with its House Doctor
  • ✔ exact and precise blood pressure wrist monitor and pulse results: This device has 2 x 60 Memory spaces and a patented Ruhe indicator for precise values, that can be via Bluetooth Low Energy Technology directly transferred to your mobile phone.
  • ✔ they retain their health levels through the fully automatic blood pressure device always at a glance, thanks to the extra large LCD displays; Size: 94 x 92 mm) with white backlight and sensor - Touch buttons
  • ✔ measuring, that will inspire you: The Beurer Health Manager software enhances the measuring results of and your records Average value calculations, a colour scale Stuft blood pressure measuring results optical easy to understand for a
  • ✔ The comfortable blood pressure cuff for the upper arm (box size 24 - 40 cm) for a maximum arm circumference control so you will ensure a measurement of blood pressure in both small, as well as with larger her arms fittings comfortable and safe.

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