Beurer BF105 Body Complete Diagnostic Scales

by Beurer
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  • Body weight, body fat, body water, muscle percentage, and bone mass are measured with 8 electrodes precise for upper and lower body out, also shows the basal metabolic rate and activity metabolic rate in kcal
  • 'Innovative networking between PC, smartphone and scale. With Beurer HealthManager app and software (Ubertragung via Bluetooth Low Energy Technology or USB) you readings graphic analyse
  • Removable XXL display (designed for wall mounting) with blue backlit display, Time and date. Intuitive user guidance in 5 languages (D/GB/F/ES/I)
  • 10 User Memories a 30 measurement memory and guest mode, and 5 Activity levels for accurately determine the calorie
  • Can hold up to 180 kg, 0.1% increments for body fat, body water and muscle percentage. 100 g steps for weight and bone mass