Beurer BF 710 Body Shape Turquoise Diagnostic Scales with Body Shape App

by Beurer
Save £10.04

  • The scale weighs/measures their weight as well as your body fat, body water, and muscle ratio, bone mass, calorie display AMR/BMR and BMI
  • With the BF 710 analysis scales your measurement is always in view. Through the innovative connected between your smartphone and App can check and analyse your information at any time. The app automatically, to transmit the data will be accepted within the Bluetooth range after opening
  • The Beurer body shape app (free download for iOS and Android) will allow you to including the weight control diverse workouts, and display their analysis recording graphic and add them to made from
  • The modern, half-rounded electrodes made of brushed stainless steel and the LCD display let the digital scales for centrepiece of your bathroom.
  • The digital weighing scales has a user memories with automatic user recognition for you and your family or friends. For precisely calculation of the calorie bars are also one of the five activity levels will

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