Bellabeat Leaf Urban Rose Gold Activity Tracker

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For the modern woman with the eye for fashion and wellness as a passion.

With no screen or buttons, Leaf can be easily mistaken for just a unique jewelry piece, so get ready for the compliments! All features are optimised for women’s health and along with activity, stress and sleep tracking, it also helps you monitor your reproductive health - all while offering meditation and breathing exercises. No more charging, Leaf comes with a replaceable battery that lasts up to 6 months. Leaf be worn as a bracelet, necklace or clip!

Follow your passion. Create your own path.

The health-tracking technology in the form of stylish simplicity, inspiring you to push your limits. Every moment matters and every step counts. Because health is the essence of your life.

  • Necklace, bracelet, and battery replacement tool included in the package
  • Tracks your steps, distance moved and calories burned
  • Tracks your sleep patterns, revealing the quantity and quality of your sleep. Tracks your reproductive health, providing you with an overview of your menstrual cycle
  • Monitors your stress levels and helps you manage and relieve stress through goal-oriented breathing exercises
  • Wakes you gently in the morning and reminds you to stay active with Inactivity Alarm