Bedee Breathalyser Kit

by Bedee
Save £5.04
  • HIGH ACCURATE BREATHALYZER -- Alcohol breathalyzer with high-sensitivity semiconductor sensor that measure your blood alcohol concentration more accurately. breath alcohol range 0.00-0.19% BAC & 0.0-1.9g / L
  • QUICK RESPONSE BREATHALYSER KIT -- Blow directly/constantly into the mouthpiece for 3 to 5 seconds, get result on display in 5 seconds. Breathaliser for car divers, warm tips: don't drive after drinking, wait for 20 minutes to use this alcohol tester after drink
  • AUTOMATIC ALARM ALCO TESTER -- IF the alcohol level reading on the digital breathalyser is exceed drink drive limit, the buzzer will alarm automatically
  • LIGHT/COMPACT POCKET BREATHALYZER -- Breathalyzer with dual LCD display for real time & alarm timer. The Digital Alcohol Tester is a fun gadget for on the go and at home. The tester fits easily in your pocket
  • ENERGY SAVING BREATH ANALYSER -- Breatherlizer with auto power off function, device turn off automatically after the result being displayed for 10 seconds. powered by two AAA batteries, not included but easy to find on Amazon or any convenience store

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