ALEX+ Smart Wearable Posture Tracker

by Alex
Save £40.04

  • ALEX+ is a smart wearable device that encourages good posture habits by measuring the angle of the neck. If a user's neck bends too far into a "poor posture angle", ALEX will gently vibrate to alert the user to correct their posture.
  • ALEX+ is designed to lightly rest on the back of the neck with two legs hanging around the ears for support. ALEX+ has very flexible legs that can be stretched and shortened to fit any head and neck shape.
  • Users do not need to wear the device all the time. ALEX+ shines when worn during long, inactive hours such as sitting behind a desk at work. ALEX+'s battery can last up to 70 hours on a single charge.
  • ALEX+'s App tracks posture improvement with detailed graphs and stats.
  • ALEX+'s App also has coaching programs that the user can follow daily missions of posture and stretching exercise until building a good habit. ALEX+ is not just a tracker but also a habit changer.

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