Advanced Prenatal Baby Gender DNA Test Kit

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  • ✅【Precise Diagnosis】-- DNA based test which is much more sensitive and accurate than a cheaper urine based hormone test
  • ✅【98%+ Accuracy Rate】-- To provide you with the most reliable early planning tool available anywhere in the world, with results being delivered in 7-10 days discreetly by email
  • ✅【Simple Blood Sample】-- A small (7-10ml) of blood is required for analysis taken via a standard blood draw, which is then analysed in our ISO accredited state of the art DNA testing laboratory
  • ✅【DNA Contamination Eliminated】-- Our sample collection and processing procedure eliminates any chance of DNA contamination, unlike other tests that use alternative sampling techniques which carry a higher risk of contamination
  • ✅【Available From 10 Weeks Of Pregnancy】-- Or as soon as 8 weeks past conception, our test can give you a unambiguous result earlier and faster (express option available) than any other test on the market