When it comes to planning a baby - Test the Man First

When it comes to planning a baby - Test the Man First

Men contribute to 50% of fertility problems and are solely responsible for 20-30 of infertility cases however over 80% of men don't get their sperm tested. You could argue that men get away with everything. 

As a man I would always insist that my Sperm are superheroes who can do no wrong and that it is obviously my partner's issue. The concept of going to a doctor to talk about having sex constantly, in that robotic un-romantic way, just to conceive and then being handed a pot to masturbate into fills me with dread. It takes me to a number of hilarious movie scenes in Road Trip or the 40 year old Virgin. 

The horror of sitting in a waiting room with a load of other men while being shown into a white room where there are a pile of multiple used men's mags on the table. Does that really happen?

However it is the reason why we introduced our sperm tests as all can be done in the comfort of your bedroom being turned on by something you're turned on by though make sure that serial masturbater takes a 2 day rest before he takes the test.

It really is best to test the man first as once he's ticked off you can focus on yourself.

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