Avoid the GUM Clinic as Sexual Health Budgets are slashed

Avoid the GUM Clinic as Sexual Health Budgets are slashed

According to Public Health England in 2016 there were 417,584 diagnoses of STIs. 49% were for Chlamydia, 15% were for Genital Warts and 9% for Gonorrhoea .

It was announced that many Sexual Health services across the UK were going to be closed or limited. Of 151 Councils, 72 planned to cut sexual health funding during 2018-2019 compared with 2017-2018.

Patients are being turned away and there is some confusion of which services and where the services are that are being affected - another case of a postcode lottery in health. Not one service for all. Patients are having to make long journeys to the local sexual health clinic. 

The experience of visiting a sexual health or GUM clinic is not a pleasant one as many people will know. That strikes as the main reason we put together our range of STI Tests together. To test yourself at home is easy, cheaper than the trip to the clinic, cheaper than a morning off work and can be done in a your own environment at home. 

Or give yourself an Sexual MOT and opt for the Randox Confidante test which tests for 10 diagnoses

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