5 Self Tests for the Thirty Something Woman

5 Self Tests for the Thirty Something Woman

As a woman in her thirties as well as a wife, mother and business owner I know all to well how easy it can become to lose track of your own health and often put your own needs to the back of the queue. With this in mind this weeks post is dedicated to all of you out there like me who would like to become more empowered and knowledgeable about their health but quite simply don't have the time.

Below are 5 tests that are quick and easy to do at home and that test for conditions more prevalent in our life stage. These tests are affordable and do not involve long waiting lists but offer peace of mind.

1. The Melanoma test for £99.95 - sunbathed a lot or had worrying moles for a while? This test will give you complete clarity on whether they are a medical concern or not

2. The Iron test for £5.95 - tired, feeling weak or looking a little pale? You may be iron deficient, take this test for clarity on whether you are or not

3. Medigoo Breast Cancer test for £17.95- Is Breast Cancer in your family or would you just like peace of mind? This self test monitors Carcinoma Embryonic Antigen levels to see if they are raised. Raised levels are associated with Colon, Pancreatic and Breast Cancer so if yours are please consult a doctor.

4. The Menopause test for £9.45 - Are you experiencing symptoms and are concerned you may be going into Menopause, this extremely popular self test offers you clarity in minutes.

Check your FSH Levels with this Menopause Test

5. The Liver Function test £4.95 - many of us enjoy a glass of prosecco and have probably been engaged in regular drinking for a long while by now. It's now time to give your liver a check-up and detect how well your liver is functioning and whether you could have liver disease. Early detection of problems can lead to far more positive outcomes.

 Check to see if you're liver is ok

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